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Gyros grills

The gyros grill, one cooking equipment for a wide variety of recipes!

The gyros grill could also be called kebab grill, döner kebap or shawarma grill. These terms of different origins refer to the same cooking technology: a vertical grill that cooks lamb, poultry or beef on a single rotating spit.

This large piece of meat is cut vertically into thin slices to complete a Greek dish, a kebab plate or sandwiches based on pita bread or “dürüm”.

The vertical spit can be replaced by a set of meat or fish skewers to vary the cooking!

Customize your kebab grill!

Roller Grill designs electric or gas kebab grills. These kebab grills are of different sizes depending on the weight and size of the meat spit used by the restaurateur.

All gyros grills GRE and GRG can be customized with a wide range of accessories: stainless steel reflectors, glass doors, meat shovels, electric knive etc.


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