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Infrared toaster - Breakfast

Four convoyeur infrarouge CT3000B

Discover our range of professional toasters:

The advantages of Roller Grill's professional toaster technology

Our professional toasters are perfectly suited to the needs of catering professionals and offer many advantages.


The fast heating of infrared quartz tubes

Roller Grill professional toasters are equipped with infrared quartz tube technology. These heating elements emit a radiation of 1050 °C on the products to be cooked. Infrared technology guarantees fast cooking without preheating and at a professional rate: 150 to 400 toasts prepared per hour, depending on the model.


The simplicity of a multifunction toaster

The complete multifunctional infrared toasters have a system for selecting the "high" and "low" quartz ramps. You can :

  • Select "high only" to brown, toast or caramelize food.
  • Select "low only" to toast or reheat food.
  • Combine "high and low" to cook thoroughly, without smoke or odour.


Stainless steel for intensive use

This range of stainless steel toasters is designed for professional caterers.

Stainless steel, which is not susceptible to corrosion, and long-lasting components are the main elements of these toasters. They ensure a robustness in full intensive use, specific to the professional catering.

The Roller Grill stainless steel toaster is easily adjustable: simply set the timer to "non-stop" to toast or cook continuously.


Which professional toaster machine should you choose for the catering industry?

Bars, cafés, bakeries: opt for a compact, high-performance solution!

If you have a hot-spot, bakery or café/bar type establishment, the BAR 1000 and the BAR 2000 2-level toaster will meet your expectations. They heat and/or grill individual portions of quiches, friands, pizzas or croque-monsieur on one or two cooking levels in a minimum of time and space.


These electric toasters are suitable for small spaces and high throughput requirements: from 150 in a single-level toaster to 300 toasts per hour in a double-level toaster thanks to infrared quartz technology. Cooking is fast: no pre-heating, no smoke and no smell.

 infrated toaster breakfast ts1270

A universal toaster model for restaurateurs

Professional kitchens can cope with the "heat of the moment" with the TS 1270 and TS 3270 salamander toasters.

These models are used to bake, brown, caramelize or finish cooking food as in a real salamander.

The TS 3270 professional double toaster has the particularity of being equipped with a closed compartment, which makes this machine a real multi-function toaster. 


Hoteliers: a complete offer for brunches and breakfasts

Roller Grill offers the CT 540 B breakfast toaster conveyor to the hotel industry.

It is the essential equipment for the preparation of breakfasts in a professional environment. Equipped with infrared technology, it allows you to cook up to 540 toasts per hour while selecting the cooking mode adapted to the products.


With this dual output toaster, you can :

  • Toast all types of bread for breakfast.
  • Reheat pastries, waffles or slices of brioche.

Just set the right belt speed and quartz ramps. The toaster conveyor takes care of the baking and delivery of the toasted or heated product.


Couple the CT 540 B with the CO 60 professional egg cooker and you can add a self-service dimension to your breakfast. With this electric appliance, your customers can choose whether they want their egg cooked: soft-boiled, hard-boiled or soft-shelled. Buffet egg cooker CO60 

 professional egg cooker co60

Snack bars also have their own professional toaster 

If you have a snack or take-away concept, the CT 3000 B is the perfect horizontal toaster for your business.

Practical, compact and equipped with infrared quartz tubes, it allows you to bake without preheating, without odour or smoke in a record time: 1.30 minutes on average.


This model has been specially designed to :

  • cooking hot sandwiches such as panini, croque-monsieur or toast in less than 2 minutes,
  • Reheating friands, pizzas, flammkueche,
  • brown buns or bagels in 50 seconds.


How to clean your Roller Grill professional toaster?

Our professional toasters are easy to clean: on the BAR 1000 and BAR 2000 models, the back panel is removable and machine washable.

The Roller Grill toasters are all stainless steel and have a machine-washable crumb tray.

The infrared quartz tubes are protected by a patented tube guard system. Easy cleaning with a simple sponge stroke.


Roller Grill has developed equipment solutions for every professional catering activity, every space and every work requirement. Its robust, modular and easy-to-use professional toasters will satisfy every kitchen. The infrared quartz technology and the patented tube guard system make these machines the first on the European market for professional toasters.