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Professional crepe makers

Roller Grill  professional crepe makers undoubtedly produces quality results and streamlines the process. These high-performance appliances are designed for ultimate functionality, convenience and speed.

Let’s explore some different aspects of crepe makers in order to better understand their operation.


Heating technology: Electric or Gas supply

Accurate electric crepe maker

An electric crepe maker has a spiral heating element integrated into the crepe plate. This feature ensures a perfect even temperature across the whole plate, which is crucial in cooking very thin products such as crepes and galettes, etc. The built-in thermostat controls temperature regulation for accurate and precise cooking results every time.


Roller Grill electric crepe machines concerned are CFE 400, CSE 400, CDE 400, CSE 350, CDE 350



High-powered gas crepe maker

These machines make use of a star-shaped burner with eight arms fixed underneath the plate, ensuring thorough and homogenous temperature across the entirety of the plate surface. There is no risk of overcooking even very thin food items. Gas is suggested for takeaways or outdoor cooking due to fast reactions to large temperature variations. The appliance possesses a safety thermostat in case of overheating or gas leakage, and is secured by piezo lighting.


CFG 400, CSG 400, CDG 400, CSG 350, CDG 350 supplied in LPG (butan/propan) with a set of NG injectors (natural gas).


Crepe plate construction material

Cast-iron plate for cooking

A sturdy enamelled cast-iron plate allows you to skip out the tedious preparatory seasoning step. Each Roller Grill crepe maker can be used straightaway to cook crepes, galettes, dürüm and much more! Due to the ultra-smooth surface, the crepe maker never needs to be seasoned and there is a better temperature transfer. Baking takes place at 200-220°C instead of 240°C with traditional cast-iron plates, which saves time and energy. The cast-iron plate has a high-resistant enamel to any rubbing, and is very easy to clean as well.

 Chocolate crepe

Vitroceramic plate for pre-cooked crepes

Roller Grill also offers the CVE 400 Vitroceramic crepe machine: Infrared vitroceramic plate technology especially designed to reheat pre-cooked crepes in 25 seconds flat! This machine is highly recommended for takeaways with a limited turnover time, like during half-time at soccer or rugby matches.


Crepe plate size

Originally 2 diameters

We find that originally the plate surface would be Ø35cm for sweet crepes and Ø40cm for savoury galettes. Nowadays in Europe and America, chefs work with either Ø40cm for both sweet and savoury crepes or a double crepe plate measuring 2 x Ø40cm. In Asia, Ø35cm is still generally used for finger food such as Peking Duck, Indonesian chapati, Indian tempura, etc.


Single or double models

Single models that are built in: CFE 400, CSE 400, CSG 400, CSE 350 and CSG 350 to be placed on a table or worktop.


Double models indicated to prepare crepes and galettes in sizeable quantities: CDE 400, CDE 350, CDG 400 and CDG 350.

 Accessories to crepe maker

The must-have accessories to crepe maker:

  • Two stainless steel spatulas: The long spatula is used to flip the crepe in order to cook both sides. The triangular spatula is used to fold the crepe or galette.
  • Wooden rake for crepe or rozell essential to turn the crepe batter clockwise and evenly on the cooking plate.
  • Greasing pad used to evenly grease the plate with a little sunflower oil. It can also be utilised to wipe and remove cooking residues.
  • Abrasive stone for effortless cleaning by applying circular movements on the crepe plate.


All of the above utensils come in a unique and elegant CK3 stainless steel display box made specially by Roller Grill. The CK3 storage box keeps things practical and well-organised. You will find it contains an oil container, a crepe rake, a water container and two spatulas.


The crepe business in a box turn-key solution!

How exciting is it to know that you can essentially start a valuable business as soon as you get your mobile crepe maker? There are very few cost overheads involved and it takes up a minimum amount of space. With the takeaway gas or electric professional crepe maker by Roller grill concept your dream business quickly becomes a reality! The stainless steel wheeled cart and all its accessories are made for you. You can literally make your initial investment in the crepe maker profitable within a few hours!


The crepe business solution Rollet Grill