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Salad’bar buffets

For buffets or self-service options, Roller Grill offers a wide range of wooden salad’bar buffets. Whether for cold appetizers or hot dishes, in a spacious room or more narrow one, with contemporary or modern decor, there is necessarily a Roller Grill buffet for every request!

4 sizes of wooden buffets all available in 3 different woods!

The wooden buffet SB 60 is the largest model with a maximum capacity of 6 pieces Gastronorm GN 1/1 containers. It is intended for large halls in communities and cafeterias.

The buffet SB 40, with the same design as the SB 60, can hold up to 4 pieces of Gastronorm GN1 / 1 containers. It is especially designed for restaurants.

The square buffet SBC 40, also called “central islet buffet”, offers a maximum capacity of 4 Gastronorm GN 1/1 containers. It allows to present a wide variety of dishes in a minimum of space.

The wall-side buffet SBM 40 is equipped with a mirror and can hold up to 4 pieces of Gastronorm GN 1/1 bins. It will fit perfectly in a small room against a partition.

These 4 shapes of wooden buffet are available in 3 wooden colors: wengé, light oak or limed white wood.

3 different uses of buffets according to the dishes!

All Roller Grill wooden buffets are available in both refrigerated and heated versions:

- The chilled buffets highlight between +2 and + 10 ° C cold starters, salads or desserts.

- The heated buffets keep warm and cooked dishes (up to 90 ° C) thanks to a bain-marie system.

All wooden sideboard and wall buffets can also be manufactured in a mixed version:

- half of the containers are integrated into a bain-marie tank for the presentation of hot dishes

- the other half of the containers is integrated in a tank equipped with a cooling pin for keeping cold salads, desserts or cold starters.