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Waffle makers

Roller Grill offers you a wide range of French-made and very high quality waffle makers. Discover our products specially designed for your restaurant :


The importance of cast-iron plates for a waffle maker

Waffle dough requires slow, gentle and even baking. Cast iron equals potent inertia which retains and releases heat perfectly. Its high conduction value allows it to spread the heat evenly. This is not the case with other materials such as cast aluminium and stainless steel. The cast-iron plates in a waffle maker are fixed: they are not removable to avoid any unnecessary handling and for superior cooking performance.


The Power of the Waffle Iron is Essential

A commercial waffle maker must be powerful enough to bake waffles evenly and quickly through its cast iron plates: approx. 3 min for one waffle. The Roller Grill commercial waffle maker range possesses enough power so that the appliance never needs to be turned over! This is due to the fact that they have sufficient enough power at the top to bake the waffles thoroughly, without ever turning the appliance over. One exception for flipping a waffle iron is "bubble waffles," where the dough is more like honeycombed pancake dough once cooked than a real waffle recipe.


How to Use Your Cast Iron Waffle Maker

Before the first use

Regarding the base of the cast iron plates: Cast iron is a porous material that food can easily stick to. Hence, the importance of making it easier to remove the waffles from the mould after baking.


To do this: Before using the cast iron waffle maker for the first time, remove the anti-corrosion protective grease with a detergent.


Afterwards, it is necessary to grease the plates with edible oil to proceed with the base of the cast iron plates.

 delicious waffle

Here is how to base the plates of your cast iron waffle maker:

Grease the cast iron plates with cooking oil.

Connect the waffle iron and turn the thermostat/switch control knob to the maximum position.

Fold down the top plate and leave the waffle iron closed for half an hour.

After this phase, the first waffles will be black with residue.

Finally, the plates must be lightly greased again, and then the waffle iron is ready for use.


Note: The plates can be brushed roughly and unevenly with a brush. It is crucial to use a more precise oil spray, which spreads the grease into the smallest parts of the cast iron mould cavities.


The Waffle Baking Process

The preheating 

Baking is only possible after the waffle iron has been properly preheated to the desired temperature. The preheating lasts roughly 30 minutes.


The baking process to get golden waffles

The waffles are then baked at around 220°C for 2 to 3 minutes, depending on the type of dough and waffle type (25 seconds for the wafer of the ice cream cone!).


If the waffle is sticky, the waffle iron is too hot or not greased enough; then simply set the thermostat to a slightly lower temperature. After baking the first waffle, the quality of the waffle should be checked and the temperature or baking time changed if necessary. The temperature of the plates can be adjusted by thermostat.


The waffles that a Roller Grill commercial waffle maker produces are golden brown – crispy on the outside and soft on the inside!

 Commercial waffle maker Roller Grill

Tips for Optimal and Sustainable Use

Once the plates have been greased, only fill in the impressions of the lower plate. Do not pour too much dough: only into the hollow of the impressions and not into the bottom, otherwise the waffle maker will not be able to close completely and the waffle will not bake properly. Any slight excess dough will run into the stainless-steel dough tray patented by Roller Grill. The tray is removable and machine washable.

Once cooked, simply remove the waffles with a suitable utensil such as a fork. With the GES 23 and GES 80 waffle maker, you simply take the waffles by their sticks.


Always keep the waffle iron closed during baking, between baking sessions, and even when the appliance is switched on and not in use. This retains the heat in the waffle iron more effectively, since a waffle is very delicate to bake, and the slightest drop in temperature can alter its baking.


Regularly remove any dough residue in the indentations with a brush or a stainless steel brush.


After usage when the waffle iron is still warm, brush the cast iron plates and hinges vigorously with the wire brush supplied with the pro Roller Grill waffle iron. This removes baking and paste residues, and cleans the hinges so they can be easily hinged the next time they are used.


The right waffle iron according to your business 

commercial waffle maker roller grill ges10 135
Single or double waffle irons

Single GES waffle irons: Very compact machines, and possess 2 imprints for Liege and Brussels Belgian waffles.

Double GED waffle irons: Indicated for high quantities. There are double versions for every single model, except for the GES 23.


Waffle Makers Used for Table Service

Waffle maker for square Belgian waffles: GES 10, GES 20, GED 10, GED 20


Waffle maker for round waffles: GES 75 and GED 75. These waffles make a delectable treat when served with a scoop of ice cream and melted dark chocolate.


Waffle maker for takeaway: GES 23, GES 80 and GED 80 waffles on stick and GES 40 and GED 40 for ice-cream cones.

 double professional waffle maker roller grill ged10 136

The professional electric waffle iron GES 23: a Turn-Key Instant Business Solution!

With the Roller Grill commercial waffle maker GES 23, you can literally start your waffle business in a matter of hours! This high performance and fun machine is designed for intensive use. The GES 23 electric waffle maker is particularly recommended for takeaways, events, festivals, street-food parties and the like…


The GES 23 is equipped with a cast-iron mould, containing four imprints for the cooking of 4 corn-shaped waffles on sticks. These waffles get cooked at 270°C for 2:30 minutes, making 96 delicious golden waffles per hour! This iron comes with a waffle display, a batch of 500 sticks, and a batch of waffle mix. The mix and stick refills are available from Roller Grill.


Features a patented stainless steel tray strategically placed around the bottom plate of the waffle iron to recover excess batter, and make the cleaning process less painful.


Finally, every professional waffle iron is designed for pre-cooked frozen waffles, frozen pieces of dough, and for fresh homemade waffles.

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