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Air Disinfection System – Pillar UVC AIR 120

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Dossier technique UVC Air 120 FR
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Restaurants, hotels, kiosks, convenience stores... all establishments open to the public are nowadays obliged to guarantee a safe and healthy reception in enclosed spaces. Are you thinking about an air purifier? Roller Grill offers you even better: a design column with UVC technology for air disinfection.

Much better than an air purifier, the UVC AIR 120 column destroys viruses with UVC technology.

The pillar UVC AIR 120 is an air decontamination system with UVC technology. It is not a simple air purifier, this electric device eliminates viruses in the ambient air. The 254 nm UVC rays destroy the DNA and RNA of virus and bacteria cells. This radically stops their growth. The contaminated air is disinfected by UVC lamps. These lamps irradiate harmful viruses and germs. The UVC AIR 120 column is designed for rooms of 50m². The air is disinfected and renewed 3 to 6 times per hour.

A safe, certified and patented virucidal device

The UVC AIR 120 column is an air decontamination system using UVC technology. Its function in the ambient air is to eliminate:

  • 99.74% of human coronavirus
  • 97.5% of bacteria

The tests were carried out and certified by the largest French biomedical research center. This virucidal and germicidal column works in complete safety : the contaminated air is sucked in by the upper reflectors of the device. Then it is treated by 4 UVC lamps in the column before being diffused by ventilation in the lower part. The UVC AIR 120 disinfector, safe and silent, can be used in the presence of people and animals without endangering their health. There are no chemicals or ozone emissions.

Applications in all environments

Originally designed for hotels and restaurants, this air disinfection column can be used in all sectors and particularly: local authorities, shops, medical environments (waiting rooms, doctors' surgeries, reception areas, etc.) and companies (offices, meeting rooms, canteen, etc.).

Features: black Securit glass top, 4 UVC lamps, fan, regulator, power indicator. Colour: black

Technical characteristics

Outside dimensions240 x 240 x 830 mm
Weight12 Kg
120 W
230 V

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