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Photo d'une friteuse rectangulaire tout inox à zone froide de 4l

4-liter stainless steel fryer with timer

Ref : RFN 4
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Instructions for use and installation Fryer RFN 4
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The electric fryer RFN 4 is a 4L cold zone fryer with timer. Use the professional technology of this fryer at home to vary the cooking!

The cold zone of the professional electric fryer RFN 4 guarantees cooking without transmission of taste or smell

The cold zone enables you to fry successively in the same oil some French fries, fish, donuts etc. In the professional electric fryer RFN 4, the temperature of the oil at the bottom of the tank and above the resistance has a differential of 100 ° C. This cold zone at the bottom of the fryer consists of an automatic filtering of the oil by settling and decanting. During cooking, fried residues fall down to the bottom of the stainless steel fryer. The oil bath above the heating element remains clean and usable for other fries. The electric fryer FD 50 thus allows a minimum oil consumption without carbonization of food particles and, in fact, without transmission of taste or smell.

The rectangular shape of the basket also allows you to fry whole fish, pieces of poultry, sausages etc.

The precision and cleaning of the electric fryer RFN 4 are irreproachable.

This electric fryer is equipped with a precise bulb-thermostat for the regulation of temperature ( 0 – 180°C) and with a double safety thermostat with positive cutoff. Both thermostats are in stainless steel. In the event of overheating or insufficient oil, the safety thermostat automatically stops the stainless steel fryer. After identifying the cause of the automatic shutdown, the safety thermostat must be reset by simply pressing a push button behind the stainless steel housing.

The heating box of the fryer, the tank, the basket and the stainless steel casing are completely removable. The GN container for oil bath can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Features: regulation thermostat with precise bulb, safety thermostat, timer, microswitch, chrome knob, basket, pilot lights.

Option: a metallic filter. This option is to be placed under the heating element. The filter makes it easier to recover the cooking residues.

Technical characteristics

Capacity4-5 litres
2 500 w
Outside dimensions225 x 390 x 260 mm
Weight5 kg
Photo d'une friteuse rectangulaire tout inox à zone froide de 4l

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