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Photo d'une salamandre à plafond mobile et au gaz, modèle standard 600 mm

Gas salamander with movable top - 600 mm

Ref : SGM 600
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The professional gas salamander grill SGM 600 is appreciated for its gas performance and for its cooking possibilities, with ease!

SGM 600: THE professional gas salamander grill with high power!

The professional gas salamander grill SGM 600 is equipped with 2 infrared double burners with safety thermocouples. Each burner has a width of 60 mm. Depending on the type of gas used, the temperature can be reached between 700 ° C and 800 ° C. After 10 minutes of preheating time, this professional salamander grill can cook or grill food very quickly.

Vary your cooking with the gas salamander SGM 600!

The gas salamander SGM 600 can defrost, heat, brown, glaze dishes, grill toasts, gratins, onion soups etc.

The flame control knob - small flame with idle position - adjusts the heating power to the desired cooking mode.

This gas salamander grill is completely open on 3 sides to accept dishes of any size.

Nothing easier to use and to clean than the gas salamander SGM 600 with movable top !

The movable top of the salamander grill SGM 600 has a precise height adjustment system to bring the right heat to the dish without any effort! The professional gas salamander SGM 600 is equipped with a brick-mounted counterweight and a patented ball-bearing system to facilitate the up and down of the roof to the nearest millimeter.

The professional salamander grill SGM 600 is easy to clean: the grid and the lower tray are completely removable. The burners can be wiped with a soft cloth once the gas salamander is turned off and cooled down.

Features: 2 infrared double burners, adjustment knob, grid and bottom tray.

Option: wall mounted holder (SM 1)

Technical characteristics

5 kW
Outside dimensions600 x 640 x 590 mm
Baking surface495 x 375 mm
Weight53 kg

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