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Photo d'une salamandre vitrocéramique avec détection de plat et 3 zones de chauffe

Salamander with plate detection system - 3 ceramic heating areas

Ref : SEM 800 PDS
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Technical sheet smart salamander SEM800PDS DT162 Ind B
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The professional salamander SEM 800 PDS is the smart electric salamander! Thanks to its plate detection system, the glass ceramic salamander allows an instant varied cooking and a perfect control of energy consumption. And this in all simplicity!

SEM 800 PDS: THE smart and professional salamander!

The professional salamander SEM 800 PDS presents a worldwide technological innovation: this is a ceramic salamander fitted out with a plate detection system (PDS). This revolutionary system ensures instant cooking and real energy savings:

- 400 ° C in 5 seconds and 570 ° C on the ceramic hob!

- 35% energy saving!

The Plate Detection System (PDS) is recognized for “action stations” during the service in the kitchen. Once the PDS function is selected, the ceramic plate heats up when the dish is in contact with the stainless steel bar above the grid. As soon as the dish is removed, the ceramic heating area is off. The commutator allows independent control of 3 heating zones.

= > Instant cooking and energy saving guaranteed!

This triple-phase electric salamander can also be used conventionally without dish detection.

Your cooking is precise and varied with the ceramic electric salamander SEM 800 PDS!

With a ceramic plate in the upper part, the SEM 800 PDS electric salamander can defrost, heat, brown, glaze, grill toasts, dishes, gratins, onion soups ... without preheating!

The power control system regulates very precisely the heating power of the vitroceramic areas. The “maxi position” makes it possible to flash and grill a dish in record time while the “mini position” keeps the food warm.

This cheese melter is completely open on 3 sides to accept dishes of any size.

Nothing easier to use and clean than the salamander SEM 800 PDS with movable top!

The movable top of the salamander grill SEM 800 PDS has a precise height adjustment system to bring the right heat to the dish without any effort! This electric salamander grill is equipped with a brick-mounted counterweight and a patented ball-bearing system to facilitate the up and down of the roof to the nearest millimeter.

The salamander SEM 800 PDS with plate detection is easy to clean: the stainless steel detection bar, the grid and the lower tray are completely removable. The ceramic plate can easily be wiped with a sponge once the electric salamander is turned off and cooled down.

Features: 1 ceramic plate with 3 heating areas, plate detection system, 4-position switch, power control system, grid and bottom tray.

Option: wall mounted holder (SM 2)

Technical characteristics

4,5 kW
Outside dimensions800 x 640 x 590 mm
Baking surface740 x 375 mm
Weight60 kg
380 V

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