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Professional electric rotisserie - 5 spits

Ref : RBE 200 Q
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The professional electric rotisserie RBE 200 Q can roast 10 large free range chickens or 20 pieces of poultry on 5 spits. This vertical grill is particularly suitable for sellers of roast meat, traditional restaurants and supermarkets.

This electric rotisserie is equipped with 10 infrared quartz ramps with individual regulation by 4-position switch. Infrared quartz tubes spreads a radiation of 1050 ° C on the meat to be roasted. They thus ensure a cooking at core of poultry or pieces of meat (game, leg of lamb, roast etc).

Each of the 5 spits of the rotisserie is driven by an independent and ventilated motor.

A large juice-collecting tray receives the meat juice. It can also keep warm some potatoes which are well watered by the juice of chicken cooked on the spit.

The professional electric rotisserie RBE 200 Q is easy to clean: the juice tray is removable and washable in a dishwasher. The spits are removed by hand or with 2 hooks.

Customize your electric rotisserie with Roller Grill accessories!

- The English spit B3 is used to cook steaks and pieces of poultry.

- The 100-mm-high feet (CE / UL-NSF) raises your vertical grill to make it easier to clean underneath the rotisserie

- The support table with wheels and brake system (TS1: 805 x 345 x 710 mm) makes your rotisserie particularly mobile.

Features: 5 spits, 10 infrared quartz tubes, tube protection, halogen lighting, juice collecting tray, switches for spits, ventilated motors, control lights, 2 hooks. Supplied without any accessory.

Options: Incoloy heating elements (RBE 200 B = 14 kW)

Technical characteristics

Capacity20 (poulets)
14 kW
Outside dimensions940 x 450 x 1250 mm
Weight65 kg
380 V

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