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Photo d'une friteuse professionnelle sur pied de grande capacité, 15 - 16 litres

Professional gas fryer with high capacity - 1 tank of 16 L

Ref : RFG 16
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Technical sheet gas fryer cabinet RFG16 DT178 Ind B
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The professional gas fryer RFG 16 is a high capacity fryer on cabinet designed for fast food and high volume restaurants.

The professional gas fryer RFG 16 is particularly suitable for the cooking of fresh and frozen food in big quantities like French fries, donuts and croquettes. The filtering support for basket placed at the bottom of the stainless steel tank has a dual function:

- This filter recovers important residues of frying

- This grid allows to fry without basket large pieces such as donuts or whole fish for "fish and chips" menus

This gas deep fat fryer is equipped with a double ramp of very powerful radiants placed under the stainless steel tank. The Piezo ignition is made by simply pressing both ignition and adjustment buttons. The pilot light makes it possible to control the arrival of the gas and the good lighting of the fryer. The gas is evacuated by the back pipe.

The maintenance is done safely. This high capacity fryer is equipped with a draining device for large-volume drain inside the tank.

The gas fryer on cabinet RFG 16 can be delivered with a large basket or 2 half baskets.

Features: Piezo ignition button, thermocouple and pilot light, 2 very powerful burners, draining device, adjustable feet. Stainless steel lid. Supplied with 1 large basket as standard.

Technical characteristics

12 kW
Outside dimensions400 x 700 x 1055 mm (Dosseret/gas pipe : H=180 mm)
Weight38 kg
Basket dimensions250 x 300 x 145 mm