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Photo d'un four à pizza encastrable électrique 2 chambres avec pierre réfractaire

Professional pizza oven – 2 cooking chambers

Ref : PZ 430 D
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Technical sheet pizza oven PZ430D DT24 1 Ind A
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The professional pizza oven PZ 430 D is equipped with an innovative system: a double temperature control. This very compact infrared oven can cook a wide variety of pizzas and dishes in record time.

The professional pizza oven PZ 430 D is particularly innovative in its double regulation.

The professional pizza oven PZ 430 D is equipped with an innovative system of double regulation of the vault and the bottom of each chamber of this double pizza oven:

- A thermostat regulates the chamber and the infrared quartz in the upper part

- A power regulator for the bottom, that is to say the firestone and infrared quartz in the lower part.

Thanks to its innovative technology, the double deck oven PZ 430 D offers varied and very fast cooking possibilities.

In addition to its double regulation system, the double deck oven PZ 430 D is equipped with infrared quartz tubes in the upper part and under the firestone. These infrared quartz spread a radiation of 1050 ° C on the products to be cooked. They ensure fast and thorough cooking of products.

The combination of these two revolutionary technologies gives exceptional cooking results in the infrared oven PZ 430 D:

- 2 fresh pizzas Ø32 cm at 350 ° C in 3 minutes!

- 2 frozen pizzas Ø32 cm at 350 ° C in 3'30 minutes!

Adapt your deck oven with firestone "special pizza"! You can regulate the lower part for all pizzas with thin dough (Tuscan pizza), thicker basis (Neapolitan pizza) or very thick dough ("American pan pizza"). This power control offers you the possibility to cook a wide variety of pancakes, chapatis, flambé tarts, pastries etc. according to their dough.

Features: 2 firestones for even cooking, 2 pieces of 15-minute-sound-timer lock position for non-stop use, 2 double thermic controls (Thermostat 0-350 ° + power regulator), control lights. Double insulated door with tempered glass of each chamber.

Option: stainless steel kit KPZ 430 to stack up to 3 Roller Grill pizza ovens.

Technical characteristics

Inside dimensions2x(430 x 430 x 110 mm)
5 kW or 3 kW (with 2 cords)
Outside dimensions670 x 580 x 500 mm
Weight55 kg
380 V ou 230 V mono
Capacity2 pizzas Ø 41 cm (16’’)

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