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Photo d'une crêpière fonte émaillée professionnelle double gaz

Double and professional gas crepe maker – 2 plates of Ø400 mm

Ref : CDG 400
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Technical sheet gas crepe maker double CDG400 DT130 Ind B
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The gas and enamelled cast-iron crepe maker CDG 400 makes it easy to cook traditional pancakes and many other specialties that require a perfect even cooking.

With the enamelled cast-iron crepe maker CDG 400, the weekly seasoning is over!

The gas crepe maker CDG 400 is equipped with two pieces of Ø400 mm enamelled cast-iron plates with independent controls. The enamelled coating of the plate substantially reduces the seasoning phase. This long and tedious seasoning phase is normally required before the first use and must be renewed every week. With the Roller Grill enamelled cast-iron plate, the gas crepe maker CDG 400 is in operation from the first pancake cooking and is just as easy to use.

The professional gas crepe maker CDG 400 guarantees perfectly homogeneous cooking.

Another advantage of an enamelled cast-iron plate: the professional gas crepe maker is then perfectly smooth. It ensures an excellent temperature transfer and a real cooking by contact.

The star-shaped burner with 8 branches is integrated under each cast iron disc, itself equipped with pins. This gas system guarantees a precise and even cooking regulated by thermostat.

Just lightly grease the double crepe machine between each baking to obtain a light and well-golden crepe, perfectly honeycombed, without caramelization or glazing effect.

The professional crepe maker Roller Grill is more than just cooking crepes!

The professional crepe maker CDG 400 is recognized as the ideal equipment to succeed in also buckwheat pancakes, Indian tampuras, Indonesian chapatis, blinis etc. This gas crepe machine is also meant to cook fried eggs, to simmer vegetables or to grill meat. This enamelled cast-iron crepe maker is also very popular for preparing Peking duck in Asian cuisine.

Features: Piezo ignitions, regulating buttons with idle position, safety thermocouples, wooden "T" utensil to spread the batter. Delivered in LPG with a set of natural gas injectors.


  • pancakes plate with 6 imprints Ø110 mm each

  • all stainless steel storage case CK 3 for crepe maker: 2 spatulas, 2 "T" wooden, 1 grease pad

  • Batch of crepe mix, Roller Grill recipe (10 packs of 1kg)

Technical characteristics

6,4 kW
Outside dimensions860 x 485 x 240 mm
Weight44 kg
Diameter400 mm