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Glass ceramic contact-grill – double model

Ref : GVD 335
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The double glass ceramic contact-grill GVD 335 or " Vitro-Speed-Grill ® " is THE ultra-fast and revolutionary cooking solution for panini sandwiches !

Speed and quality of cooking: the key words of double glass ceramic contact-grill GVD 335 !

The double glass ceramic contact-grill GVD 335 reaches very fast the required temperature:  270°C en 2'30 min ! 

This specific double contact-grill for panini sandwich gives unmatched cooking results:

  • 6 panini sandwiches cooked in only 1'45 min at 270°C ! Namely, more than 180 panini / h !
  • Even panini sandwiches: calibrated and at the right pressure
  • Sandwiches with crispy bread outside and melting filling inside ( 65°C at core ). 

This speed and this quality of cooking are the results of 3 combined cooking technologies:

  • the contact cooking on smooth or grooved vitroceramic plates
  • the infrared rays of glass ceramic hobs
  • the calibrated pressure with oven effect thanks to a removable stainless steel frame or "spacer" laid on the bottom plate.

The glass ceramic hob " Vitro-Speed-Grill ® " under each plate (glass> 500 ° C) allows homogeneous cooking by contact with little power. This glass ceramic contact-grill ensures smoke-free cooking and can be used without an extractor.

This vitroceramic panini grill is the ideal equipment for any point of sale in the train stationsairports, shopping malls etc. It is also suitable for the cooking of other sandwiches like tacos, foccacia, croquemonsieur etc.

This double vitroceramic contact-grill is easy to use and clean!

The double vitroceramic contact-grill was also designed for comfort of use and security:

The lever system allows a daily use without forcing the top plate of the grill contact. The front of the upper plates avoids the shock between the glass-ceramic plates, once the vitroceramic contact-grill is closed. Both upper-plates are counter-balanced to adapt the professional contract-grill to the thickness of the sandwich to be cooked.

The cleaning of this ceramic hob is very easy: the juices and fats are evacuated in a fully removable drawer. A simple wet sponge is enough to recover the shine of the glass plates after use.

Features: thermostats 0-350°C, stainless steel handles, electronic timers for the setting of 3 independent cooking times, control lights, removable drawer. Available with grooved or smooth vitroceramic plates.

Technical characteristics

Cooking surface 2 x (335 x 304) mm
Weight20 kg
230 V
2 x 3 kW
Outside dimensions780 x 600 x 260 mm

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