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Ventilated foodwarmer with double door

Ref : HVC 120 GN 
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Technical sheet foodwarmer HVC120GN DT154 Ind A
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The ventilated foodwarmer HV 120 GN is intended for restaurants, communities or caterers for the keeping warm of prepared dishes or plates.

This ventilated heating cabinet with double-door allows to heat up or to keep warm at right temperature (till 130 ° C) dishes prepared in Gastronorm GN trays or culinary preparations served on the plate. This true ventilated oven with insulated double-wall ensures a homogeneous heat in its enclosure. A reserve of water maintains the food soft to preserve all the flavors of dishes without drying.

The ventilated heated cabinet HVC 120 GN can be used also to heat up empty plates just before serving. In this heated plate mode, the ventilated cupboard holds up to 120 plates Ø34 cm.

The all stainless steel double door cabinet HVC 120 comes with 3 grids of 695 x 345 mm each and an enamelled tray. Gastronorm GN containers of any size can be placed directly on the grids.

Features: stainless steel interior, thermostat 130 ° C, thermo-fan for perfect spread of the heat, double insulation of the walls and roof, doors with magnetic closure. Delivered with 3 grids, without GN tray. Enamelled tray. Adjustable shelves. 4 wheels with brake systems.

Technical characteristics

Inside dimensions720 x 375 x 730 mm
3 Kw
Outside dimensions800 x 460 x 925 mm
Weight49 kg
230 V

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