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Photo d'un toaster convoyeur et four toaster professionnel pour snacks

Toaster infrared conveyor special snack

Ref : CT 3000 B
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Technical sheet conveyor toaster-snack CT3000B DT26 Ind D
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The conveyor oven CT 3000 B is THE essential professional toaster for intensive use in franchises, fast foods and bakery chains. This infrared toaster cooks or heats all kinds of snacks in record time!

The CT 3000 B infrared conveyor oven: the champion of the cooking of snacks!

The CT 3000 B infrared conveyor oven is equipped with 2 ramps of 4 infrared quartz tubes. These infrared quartz spread rays of 1050 ° C on the products. They ensure a quick and fast cooking of the products of your snacks.

This infrared conveyor oven can cook with no preheating and continuously in record time: the cooking time is 1 minute and 30 seconds on average!

The infrared quartz on the upper part is protected by a patented tube cover.

The CT 3000 B quartz grill is extremely flexible in use and maintenance!

Thanks to its 3 settings, the CT 3000 quartz grill fits all cooking modes and snacks:

- The speed of rotation of the belt is regulated according to the product to cook or to reheat. The minimum time of pass through is 47 seconds. The maximum time of pass through is 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

- The 2 quartz ramps can operate at full power or at half power

- The pass through height can be adjusted between 70 and 110 mm thanks to the stainless reflectors to concentrate the temperature in the cooking chamber and reduce the cooking time.

Very compact, this conveyor toaster is stackable and can be raised thanks to a stainless steel support table (475 x 360 x 300 mm). The control box can be offset on a wall or on a worktop thanks to 1-meter-long-cord.

The top roof keeps warm breads or pastries.

Every kind of snack cooking is possible with the CT 3000 B infrared conveyor toaster!

Thanks to its different settings, the CT 3000 B infrared quartz grill allows you to vary and multiply cooking unattended. In a single pass, this conveyor toaster enables you:

- to toast buns, rolls in 50 seconds,

- to cook pizzas or quiches (precooked and fresh garnish) in less than 2 minutes depending on the filling,

- to brown onion soups, cheese-based snacks in 1 minute,

- to cook toast, bruschetta, sandwiches in less than 2 minutes according to the "topping",

- to melt fondues or warm up croissants, pastries in 50 seconds!

The maintenance of the conveyor oven is very simple. The carpet is cleaned with a brush. The roof as well as the 2 sliding waste bins placed at the entrance and exit under the belt are completely removable.

Features: 2 ramps of 4 quartz tubes (1550 W at the top, 1450 W at the bottom), heating selector (stop, full and half high power), variable speed drive, conveyor belt in flexible stainless steel mesh, front and rear trays of 15 cm, indicator lights, ventilated motor, adjustable feet.

Option: stainless steel support table (475 x 360 x 300 mm)

Technical characteristics

Cooking surface300 x 370 mm
3 Kw
Outside dimensions470 x 720 x 385 mm
Weight22 kg
230 V
Useful height70 à 110 mm