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What is the best commercial crepe maker ?

 Crepe maker electric CFE400

What is the best crepe maker?

When investing in a commercial crepe maker, it is important to take certain specifications and features into account. Your unit needs to function as a professional and versatile piece of quality cooking equipment. Let’s explore these specifics further now. You must always ensure your commercial crepe maker is equipped with a thick cast-iron plate, as cast-iron translates into the best thermal inertia. The plate needs to be thick enough (Ø400 mm), to accumulate enough heat to provide an even heat distribution across the entire plate for thin products, such as crepes, pancakes, chapatis, etc. In addition, the cast-iron plate needs to be enameled (which is a very specific feature of Roller Grill production). Thanks to this unique enameling feature, the plate is perfectly smooth, thus guaranteeing effective heat transfer from the element to the food item. The appliance also functions as an energy saving device, since cooking takes place at 200-220°C as opposed to 240°C with a normal machine. The spiral Incoloy heating element is integrated into the cast-iron plate, which maintains 2 counter plates. The heating element guarantees a constant and accurate temperature transfer regulated by thermostat, producing continuous and even temperature transfer upon contact. Precise temperature regulation is essential for a homogenous cooking result; this comes from an accurate thermostat which controls thorough cooking even on thin products such as crepes, chapati, durum wheat-flour products, etc.

What is the best electric crepe maker?

The top electric crepe maker must be fitted out with professional spread technology. A spiral heating element is integrated into the cast-iron plate for perfect even cooking without any heat loss, which means the same temperature transfer on the middle and all edges of the plate. The heating source must also provide enough power (3kW at least), for flawless cooking results. Another added bonus is cutting down on lengthy and tedious food seasoning preparation times, due to the mechanism's special enamel coating, so that all that is required is to lightly grease the machine with oil before operation. After preheating, the appliance can then be used from the very first crepe, (unlike traditional cast-iron plates which need to be greased multiple times on a very hot plate, at least an hour before first use). Simply grease the electric crepe machine between each baking for a lightly-golden and well-done crepe, without any glazing or caramelization effect. Cleaning is a breeze due to the mass enamel material which provides efficient rub resistance. Just simply use a spatula or abrasive stone to remove any cooking residues, without risk of damaging the plate. Deglazing can be done on very dirty surfaces. The best electric commercial crepe machine needs to be characterized by its high power and effective temperature rise and control, despite the plate thickness. The appliance must be designed for industrious and intensive use that lasts the whole day long.

Roller Grill’s recommendation: The commercial electric crepe maker CFE 400.

The CFE 400 outdoor crepe maker guarantees perfectly homogenous cooking without any heat loss. This high-performance, turn-key crepe solution is a very profitable option for business! It is especially designed for crepe and pancake take-aways at stands, trailers, food trucks, etc. It is perfect for markets, festivals, carnivals, events and parties. It is also very compact, and can be built-in into a worktop and easily transported. This handy apparatus is also ideal for cooking various specialities: from traditional pancakes, blinis, Indian tempuras, Indonesian chapatis and more. You can even prepare the basics such as grilling meat, frying eggs and simmering vegetables. The CFE 400 is also recognized as being a massive time-saver with fast turnover times, and a productive yield: For example, crepes are done in a speedy 1 minute, instead of the usual 2 minutes and 30 seconds on a normal crepe machine. This translates to 60 crepes per hour instead of only 26 to 30. Features: Pancake plate with 6 imprints (Ø110 mm each), spiral heating element, commutator-thermostat (0-300°C), pilot light, wooden "T" utensil to spread the batter evenly. Comes standard with: All stainless steel storage case CK 3 crepe kit (2 spatulas, 2 "T" wooden utensils, 1 greasing pad), and a batch of Roller Grill recipe crepe batter mix (10 packs of 1kg).

What is the best gas crepe maker?

Here are some points to consider when deciding on purchasing a gas crepe machine. It must display optimal spread technology, as this is essential for a uniform cooking result on the crepe plate. There is a star-shaped burner with 8 branches fixed to the plate for a thorough and balanced cooking result, without any heat loss. One experiences no overcooking or burning, since there is no high-discrepancy temperature, as is the case with other round burners or ramps of burners. It is imperative that the gas crepe machine be secured at all times during ignition and cooking. Piezo lighting ensures safe ignition of the device. There is also a safety thermocouple feature in case of gas leakage, overheating or any malfunction.

Roller Grill’s recommendation: The commercial gas crepe maker CFG 400 TH

The CFG 400 TH high-performance, turn-key professional gas crepe machine is a superb option for any crepe or pancake business. You can start making crepes right away quickly and easily! It functions as an outdoor appliance, but due to its compact nature can also be incorporated into a worktop and easily transported. The CFG 400 TH unit also boasts the special Roller Grill enameled cast-iron plate technology (Ø400 mm), which equals an impeccably smooth surface area, ideal temperature transfer, and true contact cooking. This outdoor crepe instrument guarantees impeccably homogeneous cooking without heat loss. The star-shaped burner is built beneath the cast-iron plate, and is structured with pins. This gas system promises even and precise cooking outcomes regulated by thermostat. Enjoy time-saving and satisfying cooking results, and an impressive batch: Crepes take 1 minute of cooking time, instead of 2 minutes and 30 seconds expected on a classic crepe apparatus. That’s 60 crepes per hour instead of only 26 to 30. It is also a real energy-saver, as food gets cooked at a temperature of between 200-220°C instead of 240°C, usually recommended on simple cast-iron plates. The enameled cast-iron crepe maker CFG 400 is perfect for take-away crepes or pancakes – whether at markets, festivals, stands, trailers, food trucks, carnivals, parties or other events. All that is required is to simply grease the gas crepe machine between each baking for a light and fluffy golden crepe, without any caramelization or glazing. In addition, the CFG 400 professional gas crepe machine is kitted out to cook a variety of products, such as buckwheat pancakes, Indian tempuras, Indonesian chapatis, blinis and more. This gas crepe machine is also meant for cooking simple foods such as fried eggs, simmering vegetables and grilling meat. Comes standard with: All stainless steel CK 3 storage case kit (2 spatulas, 2 "T" wooden utensils to spread batter smoothly, 1 grease pad), and a batch of Roller Grill recipe (10 packs of 1kg) crepe batter mix. Features: Pancake plate with 6 imprints (Ø110 mm each), Piezo ignition, regulating button with idle position, safety thermocouple, delivered in LPG with a set of natural gas injectors.