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Contact-grill DOUBLE PREMIUM

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Technical sheet contact grill DOUBLE PREMIUM DT200 Ind A
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The contact-grill DOUBLE PREMIUM meets the requirements of the great fans of cast-iron contact-grills in terms of temperature rise and maintenance. Already appreciated for its cast iron cooking qualities, this enameled contact-grill DOUBLE PREMIUM equipped with exclusive functions that make it an "over-equipped" cooking machine!

The enamelled cast-iron contact-grill DOUBLE PREMIUM is very appreciated for its rise in temperature and its cooking qualities in intensive use.

8 minutes and 30 seconds at 280 ° C on each cooking zone ! This is the preheating time of the enamelled cast iron contact-grill DOUBLE PREMIUM. A classic cast-iron contact-grill has a preheating time of 15 minutes. The Incoloy heatine elements integrated under the enamelled cast-iron plates have 2 advantages:

- Reduced preheating time by half compared to a conventional contact-grill;

- Perfectly homogeneous cooking to the nearest degree without any temperature discrepancy between the center and the periphery of the cooking zone.

The enamelled cast-iron contact-grill DOUBLE PREMIUM keeps all the cooking qualities of a cast-iron contact grill such as the PANINI from the Roller Grill range. The professional contact-grill DOUBLE PREMIUM is also designed for intensive use with 48 panini per hour on each cooking area! The enamelled cast-iron plate restores the heat and can be used continuously on a daily basis.

If the contact-grill is generally intended for panini sandwich by its size, the contact-grill in enamelled cast-iron DOUBLE PREMIUM is also used to toast various sandwiches or to cook steaks. The top plates of this professional contact-grill are self-balancing. Each pressure spring is adjustable to adapt cooking to food.

The contact grill made of cast iron PREMIUM is also sought for its easy maintenance.

The cast-iron plates of the contact-grill DOUBLE PREMIUM have been machined and enamelled. The enamel gives to the cast iron a very good quality of finishing. It is a mass enamel with good resistance to friction. This enamelled coating facilitates the use and cleaning of the equipment: it is possible to use metal spatulas without altering the plate.

The lower enamelled cast-iron plate is stamped: the hole in the front of the cooking zone allows direct evacuation of juices, grease and cooking residues in the fully removable stainless steel drawer.

With its exclusive functions, the multifunction contact-grill DOUBLE PREMIUM makes it all-in-one equipment!

More than a classic panini machine or a simple meat grill, the DOUBLE PREMIUM is a real multifunction contact-grill!

The 2 in 1 function is the advent of a perfectly controlled and exclusive technology at Roller Grill! A plate selector allows the operator to use the cooking equipment in 2 ways:

 1. Contact-grill function: a panini grill allowing to cook up 96 panini per hour! (48 on each cooking surface)

 2. Griddle function: a plancha grill recognized and appreciated throughout the world for its perfectly homogeneous cooking and for the record-keeping of 12 frozen or fresh steaks or hamburgers (6 on each cooking area): 480 hamburgers per hour! (240 on each cooking area) The lower plate also enables to cook “galettes”, Swedish breads, blinis, wraps...

To vary the cooking, the enamelled cast-iron contact grill is equipped with an electronic timer for the selection of 3 cooking times.

Features: enamelled cast-iron plates, 2 thermostats 0-300 ° C, 2 knobs for plate selection, heat-resistant and metallic handles, switches, integrated juice collector, 2 electronic timers for 3 menus, pilot lights. Delivered with scraper for easy maintenance


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