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Photo d'une Machine à hot-dog américaine : concept et station hot-dog HDS 60 Roller Grill

Hot-dog station

Ref : HDS 60
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The professional hot dog machine CS 0 E cooks your hot dogs in record time! It is compact and easy to use.

The hot dog station HDS 60 is the complete equipment to make your hot-dogs tasty and to develop a takeaway concept in a minimum of space and investment.


The hot-dog station provides both steam cooking of sausages and warm keeping of bread rolls.


The HDS 60 hot-dog station contains a sausage basket and a bread storage area. This hot-dog appliance provides double regulation:

Water temperature control (from 65 ° C to 97 ° C) for steam cooking of sausages

Thermostatic regulation of the bread heater (from 15 ° C to 82 ° C)

This electric hot-dog machine is specially designed for steam cooking of fresh sausages. The basket of sausages surmounted by a stainless-steel lid rests on a water tank with a capacity of 4L. The heating element under the tray heats up the waterSteam is created in the stainless-steel sausage compartment for sausages. A thermo-ventilator keeps the rolls warm without drying them out. Ventilation openings allow a perfect circulation of hot air in the hot-dog station.


A professional hot-dog machine very easy to use!


After a 30-minute warm-up time, the HDS 60 professional hot-dog machine is designed for intensive use all day long. A hot-dog can be served every minute, 60 hot dogs per hour!

The operation of this hot dog station is very simple. To preheat the water, simply set the thermostat switch to "C" for 30 min, then to position 6 or 7 for non-stop steam cooking of sausages. The bread heater is controlled through thermostat according to the type of bread: buns, rolls or baguettes...

The sausage compartment holds up to 60 sausages30 rolls or buns can be kept warm in the warming area for bread.

Very compact, this combined steam-cooker and bun-warmer is a must for street food. Its hot-dog kit equipped with 2 tongs and 3 squeeze bottles for sauces makes it a fully equipped hot-dog station.

This hot-dog machine is easy to clean: lids, uprights, walls and 2 compartments are completely removable. A drain empties the residual water from the tank.


Features: 2 heating elements, on / off switch, red water detection light, thermostatic pilot lights.

Option: Hot-dog kit with 3 squeeze bottles and 2 tongs

Technical characteristics

Weight13 kg
230 V
1 kW
Outside dimensions 500 x 445 x 410 mm

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